Case Study 2 – Hermosillo, Mexico



Project Name: Hermosillo, Mexico - Retailer

Location: Hermosillo, Mexico

Installation Type: ground mount 

System Size: 1MW

Module Used: 3570 Solon 280W

Energy produced per year: 1.7 MWh

Project Developer: Solarscape Mexico

Project Description: This project was installed in Hermosillo, Mexico, to offset electricity for a large retailer. The more than 3500 panels of this 1 MW grid tied plant were installed using creotecc mounting system. 47 Advanced Energy/ REFUsol inverters were used.

The customer is using the energy output of this plant to off-set several retail locations throughout Mexico, utilizing CFE’s virtual net metering program.

SK Solar was responsible for engineering, layout, pile driving, mounting system assembly, panelization, and DC and AC wiring.