Project Name: Curtis Residence

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California

Installation Type: Residential

System Size: 4.25kw

Module Used: Solarworld mono black

Energy produced per year: 6,725 kWh

CO2 Saved: 10.461lbs. per year

ROI: 18%

Project Description: The installation of a solar system on a historic home with a 45˚ angle roof required some design considerations, but most of all a careful and precise execution of the project. Thanks to our team we able to blend the system into the neighborhood, combining historic architecture and modern technology.

What our customers say: "We interviewed about six solar companies and installers as we were getting information together to install solar panels on the roof of our historic home. Only SK Solar was actually able to answer our questions about the technology involved. They were also able to answer questions about financing options without shielding their profit margin. 

We had serious concerns about the appearance and layout of the panels. SK solar was able to select a panel and an arrangement that made the installation blend into the look of our roof very well.

The installers themselves were very good, competent in using the lift necessary for the job, neat, polite and quiet."