Project Name: O'Rourke Residence

Location: Los Angeles (Hollywood Hills), CA

Installation Type: Residential Rooftop

System Size: 6kW

Module Used: 250W Solarworld mono black

Energy produced per year: 9,390 kWh

CO2 Saved: 14,600lbs. per year

ROI: 22%

Project Description: The design was laid out to offset 99% of the electricity of the O'Rourke residence, plus the energy needed for their electric car.

What our customers say:
 We wanted to "go solar" to save money long-term and equally importantly to produce our own clean energy using California's lovely sunshine. We quickly discovered that there are a lot of companies out there jumping on the solar bandwagon and got very tired of huge discrepancies between what we were promised and the actual estimate. 

We met Boris at SK Solar when he was installing solar panels at the house of our architect friends. He showed up for our meeting right on time, painstakingly answered all our questions and followed up with an estimate which did not deviate at all from the numbers he had given us. The placement of the panels was in a far smaller and more favorable location than other companies had told us would be needed. We were even able to expand on the number of panels to allow enough power for an electric car.

SK Solar was the only company we found which installs European-made panels for residential use. Our panels are a very cool shiny black which fades into the background. 

SK Solar took care of permits and installation was fast and easy, and timed perfectly so that we qualified for all available rebates. Although the city and the utility company slowed down the process, the thrill of generating our own power and watching the meter run backwards are well worth the wait. It looks good, it's very quiet and Boris followed up with internet monitoring which lets us check our energy production.