SK Solar is a full service solar service provider, with everything you need to power your home or business with clean solar energy. We will oversee your entire solar system installation project and provide a single point of contact and accountability throughout the life of your system. Our experience in engineering and installing high quality solar power systems for homes and businesses and our uncompromising service has made us an industry leader.

We offer a variety of simple, hassle free, solar financing options for customers looking to avoid the upfront costs of purchasing a solar energy system.

Commercial Financing


Achieving Energy Independence Is Simple

As the solar industry matures, new and innovative approaches emerge to help organizations buy and finance solar energy. Right now is an opportune time to secure financing for your commercial solar array. SK Solar can help you assess your energy needs and balance those costs with federal tax incentives, state rebates and financing options uniquely available to you and your business.

Financing Considerations for Commercial Solar Power

Now is the time to leverage the power of solar energy for your business.

Commercial Solar System Financing Options:

  • You can purchase your system outright and receive all affiliated federal and local incentives.
  • SK Solar can arrange for full 100% system financing through our finance partner network
  • SK Solar can arrange for a solar lease on your behalf through our multiple finance partners
  • SK Solar can arrange for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) on your behalf  - the choice is your and we are there to assist you in making the right one that suites your strategy and needs.


How does a solar lease work?
The oldest approach for using solar electricity is to install solar panels at your facility and own them outright. You may finance the project with a solar lease option and offset any upfront system costs via your monthly lease payments, which are lower than your original energy costs. SK Solar can help you establish a solar lease after a free on-site solar evaluation.

How do PPA’s work?
The Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an alternative to financing and owning the system. A PPA affords you the opportunity to install solar power at your facility without paying upfront costs or worrying about system operation and maintenance. Sometimes referred to as a “third party” ownership model, this approach lets you focus on your core mission, while our SK Solar experts manage your energy system. For 15 to 20 years, you’ll enjoy predictable, pre-determined electricity rates along with the renewable, directly distributed, pure energy generated from your solar system.







Residential Financing

- Solar Purchase

- If you have the financial means to simply purchase a system, you will receive the best long-term benefits out of your solar system. Our solar consultants will show you the economic evaluation that is based on your consumption and needs in advance. It is not uncommon to see close to 20% return of investment over the life-span of the solar system.

- Solar Financing

- Similar to a straight system purchase, solar system financing will allow you to get the full benefit of your solar system after the loan is paid back. Your financing amount will be less than what you are currently paying on your utility bill, allowing for an immediate savings. In addition, once your system is paid off, your utility bill may be close to zero. Let SK Solar show you how your loan and savings will play out based on your consumption and energy needs.


- Solar Lease “zero down”

Lower your energy bill with NO MONEY DOWN! Purchase affordable, environmentally friendly energy every month, and pay only a minimal monthly utility bill based on your personal energy usage. All for less than your current monthly utility bill.

Our Zero Down plan locks in your energy savings for 20 years.

Save with:

  • Guaranteed solar energy production
  • Free solar monitoring
  • Free maintenance and repairs
  • Full insurance coverage for the solar system





Utility/ Government / Municipality

Solar Power is Pure Energy

Solar power is becoming cheaper and ever more ubiquitous. SK Solar knows that solar PV will be one of the top stories of the decade. As the market matures, it will be municipalities that adopted solar technology early that will stand out as renewable energy leaders and will benefit from the most expansive financial subsidies. Be a state and community leader and support our renewable future with pure, solar energy.

Powering Your Community’s Future

Solar is an Ideal Choice for Government Clients:

Lower Your Energy and Overhead Costs
Solar provides a predictable cost for electricity over the life of the system and protection from inevitable utility rate hikes.

Renewable Energy Source
Solar energy is a clean, zero-emission energy source.

System Reliability
Solar energy provides a predictable cost for electricity over the lifetime of the system. System components carry a 25-year warranty and SK Solar carries a 10-year service warranty.

Lower Your Carbon Emissions
Government-sized systems cut CO2 emissions significantly and greatly assist national Renewable Energy Portfolios.

Local Energy Production
Solar Power is consumed at the site it is produced. Direct power distribution offers multiple benefits such as back-up power in a blackout if storage capacity is added and increased energy efficiency.

Creates Green Jobs
Recent studies have shown that for every million dollars invested in solar energy, 5 to 15 jobs are created.

Additional Benefits
Green business practices are noticed and are well received by your community and media outlets. Renewable energy conversion demonstrates environmental stewardship, leadership and social awareness.


New innovative financing models have recently emerged that remove the upfront cost barrier and help reduce system cost for multi-tenant buildings. In addition to cash purchases, there are now third-party ownership models (solar leases and PPAs) that allow building owners to receive the benefits of solar energy without actually owning the system. In fact, solar PPAs financed over 50% of new residential solar systems in California in 2011. Furthermore, several cities recently launched a property assessed financing program called, which allows commercial property owners to secure a loan through the private market and repay the loan through their property taxes.

Rebates/ Tax Credits/ Utility and other Incentives

SK Solar can help you navigate the various state and federal incentives available for solar projects and will make sure that you make the right choices.

-Federal Tax Credit + Accelerated Depreciation.

A 30% federal tax credit is currently available through 2016 for both residential and commercial solar energy systems in the form of the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit and Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The tax credit is applied to the net cost after other rebates or grants have reduced the initial system cost. Learn more about Federal Tax Credit. Furthermore, under the federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS), businesses may recover renewable energy investments through depreciation deductions. More information on solar incentives can be found at www.dsireusa.org.

State Rebates

State incentives vary across the nation and are in place to stimulate solar system installations. Determine the rebate for your state.

Net Metering

Net Metering is one of the many benefits of renewable energy, which allows your electricity meter to spin forwards when electricity flows into your house and backwards if your system produces more energy than is immediately used. You are billed for the difference between the electricity you generate and the energy you use. To find out more about solar energy and incentives, go to the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) website.


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